Madam Schatze

Madam Schatze I knew was a mature well experienced BBW Dominatrix, but when she opened the door to me, I was taken back, yes was mature yes she was a BBW but just her demeanor made me quiver. There she stood wearing a long skirt, tight top blood hair, with make up to compliment her natural looks.

I quickly entered into her lair, i was told to take a seat. On sitting down Madam Shatze sat across the heavy wooden table from me. She then passed me a form and pen and told me to fill it out honestly. Having filled it out and handed it back, i sat and waited while it was read. With a wicked grin on her face she said follow me boy.

On entering her well equipped dungeon room, i quickly stripped as demanded by Madam Shatze. Nervously i stood there waiting further orders, after what seemed like many minutes i was told to put the hood on that landed by my feet. i did as ordered but i couldn't do the zip or laces up properly, soon i felt the zip coming down to my neck and the lacing tighten the soft leather to my head.

What happened during the next hour Madam Shatze has asked me not to disclose.

But i will tell you this i intend having more sessions with Madam Shatze, the session i had was one of the best iv'e ever had. Madam Shatze said to me on leaving if you think that was good, you just dream about your next one, it will be more mind blowing.  

Rating 8/10  i shall definitely be going back for more

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