Madam Shatze
Let’s just start with you telling me a little about about what you do?

I am a Mistress of long standing Experience, expects respect and courteousness. I will take you to your darkest fantasies, so you can experience them under professional supervision and know that you will be safe in My hands.

Do you have an age limit to who you will see?

No one under 21, otherwise if they are still, capable of enjoying what they are into and like it are all welcome. But saying that men of a certain age have to be taken more care with.

Do You switch?

Definitely not

How long have You been a Pro-Domme?

10 years and enjoyed every day of it, well almost every day.

How did you get into it?

Through my husband who had been into the lifestyle before I met him over 40 years ago now.

Have You seen many changes within that time?

Well yes I suppose the internet had done it by bringing it out more into the open. But not always for the best.

When did You first realise that You were a Dominant Female?

Ive always been bossy even as a child, and I enjoy putting the male species in their place.

Do You consider Yourself as being a Dominatrix in all aspects of your life or do You separate this from a more “vanilla” life?

In the vanilla life, I am Wife, Mother, Granny, and good friend. But in the alternative lifestyle I do things to please My self not others.So don't think I'm a soft touch because I AM NOT.

When did that knowledge manifest itself?

Was it a smooth move into being a Pro-Domme?

When I found it it, I took to it like a duck takes to water. With a lot of help from Other Mistresses I met along my introduction to it.

Did You start work as a Pro-Domme alongside another Domme as a kind of apprentice?

No I didn't it carried on from being a House Domme at well Known Club.

Do Your friends and family know what You do? What was their reaction when they first found out?

Yes My friends and family know all about it, their reaction was more of intrigue than shock.

So, if you get somebody coming to you for the first time, how do you discuss with them what they like and don’t like? How do you set the boundaries?

On the first visit I give them an activity list to fill out, with their likes don't likes and experience's. Also i want them to be truthful with Me about their health issues on it so that I know should any thing untoward occur. Then I tell them My rules.

If someone asked You to take them way past their limits, would You?

Yes I would , but I would start off slowly and work upwards under the understanding that they can stop what I'm doing by a word that we have agreed on.

What are the most common fetishes that you encounter?

Humiliation,needle play, bondage, cp, foot and shoe worship, smoking, cbt, nipple torture, cross dressing, interrogation and teasing. But a lot more besides these common ones.

What was the last request that surprised You?

Nothing really has surprised Me.

What was Your most memorable session?

stick insect as he had needle play and took about 100.

What is Your favourite fetish?

Nipple torture.

Is there anything that You haven’t done within the BDSM world that You wish to?


What satisfies You the most about being a Mistress?

The power over men as for so many men like to be in charge of women.

Do you think that your profession is misunderstood?


What sort of equipment do you have? How do you set up your sessions – are they standing? lying? Is there a table?

In My previous dungeon I had a St Andrews cross, a heavy metal cage, a bondage bed, a spanking horse, a confinement cage, queening chair, a head box that i still have as its a favourite on mine and a low bondage table that I still have. So they can be any of the three.

What is Your favourite footwear?

Shoes and of course boots.

What do you mean by tools?  Most people will not know what kind of tools you use?

Any thing that gives Me please to use, and them discomfort and pain.

So, how do They find out where You are?

Well it used to be local newspaper ad, but now its word of mouth, meeting at parties, munches etc and the internet.

What kind of clients do you get? Men? Women? Couples?

Men I only cater for men

Do people usually progress to more and more pain?

The odd few that do usually come back for more and more, But those type of clients have to be very honest with their medical condition to Me. Its no good them lying to Me, and I will always only build up with each session.

Do you find that the clients that come to you are quite concerned about confidentiality?

Oh yes

Do any of them have partners that they don’t tell about your sessions? There is a stereotypical idea that visiting a dominatrix involves a seedy phone call and a ‘don’t tell the wife’ attitude?

Yes its difficult to be honest as its not a subject you can discuss with your wife/partner unless they are in the scene and that is quite rare, unless there lucky. I don't find the phone call seedy.

Is that the rule then, are they not allowed to touch you?

Yes that is the rule unless I specifically tell them to.

And what about you? Do you have boundaries of what you will do to them?

Yes, NO SEX, no kissing, no interment  touching, no licking, no sucking, I won't do golden showers or scat. Adult babies are a no go area as well.

What qualities should a sub/slave exhibit in Your opinion?

Obedience, devotion, honesty and they must trust Me 100%

What, if anything, makes You really angry with a sub, and not in a good way?

If they come to Me unclean, I won't deal with them. Also if not shaved trimmed to a suitable length.

How important is after care to You?

Very, its extremely important that after any session, that they rest 15 minutes or more if I have the time so they can calm back down with a drink (not alcohol). If they wish to smoke they can.

Would you be happy for your daughter/son to follow you into this world?

Yes i have nothing against it as I am very open minded, and I am not ashamed of My profession.
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